Sheep’s Clothing
Elin Gregory


Meet Darren Murchison – self employed plumber and reluctant werewolf.


GARY snickered. “You said ‘bollocks’,” he explained when I glared at him.
“Oh for Pete’s sake, grow up.” I stabbed a finger towards the placid brown and white
shapes grazing opposite my new kitchen window. “I said ‘bullocks’. It’s another word for
cows. Boy cows.”
“You’re going to fit right into this isolated farming community, aren’t you?” Gary
turned on his heel, surveying my new home and the surrounding countryside with a baffled
eye. “Rather you than me, but I hope you’ll be happy here.”
“I don’t see why not. There isn’t another plumber for twenty miles.” I grinned. “I’ll be
fulfilling a need.”
“And what about the other thing?”
“Which thing?” I asked, knowing what was coming and looking forward to it.
Gary made his hands into claws, rolled his eyes and lolled his tongue like a zombie
Once I’d finished laughing at him, I replied, “Not a whiff. This place is ideal. Over the
garden wall there’s ten thousand acres of bugger all apart from Forestry Commission larch,
bracken and sheep. The nearest pack is based in Welshpool.”
Gary nodded, his expression both sympathetic and relieved. He had seen me through a
lot of scary stuff, both as a staunch defender and a total pain in the arse once I was strong
enough again to be teased. Coming out to him had been hard but was a piece of cake in
comparison with the conversation that had begun, “You know how it was a full moon last
“I’m going to miss you,” I said.

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Healing by Tabitha McGowan


Werewolf meets human healer, and snuggling ensues… but not till the danger that’s threatening them both has been dealt with…


This story originally appeared in the Bollocks! anthology and for a short piece it paints a very enticing picture of a dangerous and beautiful paranormal world where nothing may be quite what one believes.

Emotionally charged with a subtle tinge of eroticism, the story provides a brief snapshot in the lives of the protagonists – a meeting, a beginning, with no certainty of a future – but it is still a complete story drawing to a satisfying conclusion.

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Raising the Rent


Rent boy rule number one: Never fall in love with a customer.

Life as a rent boy is not a long-term career goal for Nathan, who’s determined to get an education. But when he turns up for his first day at college he’s horrified to find his English teacher is one of his regular customers: Stephen, the one Nathan dubbed The Voice for his educated, honeyed tones.

Stephen’s just as shocked to see Nathan sitting in his class, not to mention terrified he’s about to be exposed as having paid for sex with a student—which would mean public humiliation and maybe the loss of his job. Yet it’s clear Nathan is only interested in getting his A Levels, not in blackmail. And Stephen realizes there’s more to the nineteen-year-old than meets the eye.

Nathan still has to earn a living, though, and when a customer turns ugly, he finds himself homeless and unable to work. Stephen steps in to help, and Nathan starts to think they could have a future together—if Stephen’s guilt and lack of trust don’t end their back-to-front romance before it starts.

Warning: Contains unfashionable haircuts, unreasonably long words and a May-December romance between a not-so-streetwise rent boy and an erudite English teacher.

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Over the past year, since the first episode of Boystown hit the web, the series has gone from strength to strength and has become justifiably famous. Both critically acclaimed AND a popular bestseller, rare in this digital age, the characters go from strength to strength, story arcs draw to satisfying conclusions only to flail and whip into new exciting shapes – it shows no sign of ending and for that the many fans can be grateful.

So with that impeccable pedigree, you can imagine my shock when Jake emailed to ask for a guest post. It was a little bit like getting a missive from the Brontes. Any how – that sets the scene so over to Jake:


Writing the BOYSTOWN series has been one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. From the moment the idea came to me in the Spring of 2013 until now, I have enjoyed every moment of the writing and marketing process. But what I have really enjoyed the most about the entire experience has been the interaction with the BOYSTOWN readers. BOYSTOWN fans are, quite simply, the best.

I have been so touched and humbled by the outpouring of kindness and support I have received from BOYSTOWN readers since the moment the first episode hit the internet in June of 2013. People began to email me from all over the country – and beyond – to share with me their thoughts and ideas about the BOYSTOWN characters and story lines. I made it a priority to respond to every email that I received not only because I valued the readers’ feedback but also because I want my readers to understand that I want them to reach out to me. I want to hear from them — their ideas, their suggestions, their reviews, their feedback. In fact, their comments and ideas actually can and do impact the future of the series because I have written some of their suggestions into the series. In short, by contacting me, the readers can actually impact what happens to their favorite characters.

Several dedicated fans voluntarily created online BOYSTOWN book tours simply because they loved the books and wanted to bring the series to the attention of others. Some readers have allowed me to post BOYSTOWN promotional materials on their websites and blogs, and others have contacted me to see how they can become involved with BOYSTOWN.

When I held a nation-wide photo contest looking for “models” whose images we could use in the BOYSTOWN promotional materials, the response was overwhelming. People from all over America submitted their photos in the hope of becoming one of the “faces” of BOYSTOWN. I ended up selecting five winners for that contest because I wanted to include as many people as possible. Even after the contest was over, people continued to submit their photos asking to be a part of the BOYSTOWN team and I have welcomed several more of them on board.

I met my new BOYSTOWN Director of Art, Design & Advertising, Michael Vargas, and my new BOYSTOWN Director of Social Media, Patrick Murphy, because they were fans of the books. They contacted me on Facebook, we chatted and got to know each other, and now they are running all the promotional and advertising campaigns for the BOYSTOWN series.

I have also been intrigued by the fans’ responses to certain couples in the series. For example, I never anticipated that so many people would be fans of “Kemmett” (Keith and Emmett). Fans are very vocal about what I did to that couple at the end of “Season One” and provided many ideas for how I should write those characters in “Season Two.”
Fans of “Dole” (Derek and Cole) are also very vocal. While most readers like and connect with the character of Cole, some like him with Derek and others don’t. Many fans want Derek to stay with his wife Joyelle. Finally, I was really taken aback by people’s reactions to Justin, who only appeared on the BOYSTOWN landscape at the end of “Season One.” Readers really found him appealing and interesting – and wanted to know everything about him: his sexuality, his motives, his plan. Those fans will be happy to know that Justin is a central character in “Season Two.”

People often ask me how many books the BOYSTOWN series will have. I simply tell them this: as long as the fans are interested in the series, I will keep it going. “Season Three” is already in the works and, if the fans want more, “Season Four” will be right behind it. I hope fans will continue to reach out to me and let me know their thoughts and ideas.

BOYSTOWN truly belongs to the fans!



Twitter: @boystown_series
IG: BoystownTheSeries

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55c46-1868508OMG it’s been a long week and once again I’m thankful to all the authors out there who are so diligent in providing books to take my mind off stuff.

The book that caught my eye is The Last Wolf by Sue Brown.

Sue usually writes serials, rather than series. Each book will have its own story arc, brought to a satisfying conclusion but will set up a situation that needs resolving in the next instalment. Usually this involves characters who are introduced as potential romantic partners and it’s always fun trying to work out which ones will be the stars of the next book. Sometimes it involves an unashamed cliffhanger that leaves you gagging for the next title. So be warned – you can read The Last Wolf as a standalone, but only if you have nerves of steel [or in my case a pretty fair grade of arsenical bronze].
Pretty cover, isn’t it? Another of Meredith Russell’s.

The plot?

Joe Lowther. a college teacher, has returned to his father’s ranch to keep it going while his father is in hospital undergoing treatment for a serious, possibly terminal illness. Raised on the ranch, Joe has a level headed, stock raising attitude to wildlife. As far as he’s concerned there’s only one sensible reaction to spotting a wolf on his property and that’s to shoot it before it causes too much harm. Imagine, then, his horror when he shoots the wolf – not particularly efficiently – and when he approaches it to finish it off discovers instead a young attractive man called Callum to whom he is inexplicably drawn and who appears to be able to speak directly into his mind.
So the story kicks off and proceeds along a complex path involving a whole shifter culture across the USA with hierarchies and customs of their own, a team of apex predators who get their kicks hunting shifters and family connections going back decades. I haven’t read much in the way of shifter fiction so some of the time I was having to pick up cues from context about what was going on but there’s some good tension going on, a likeable team of potential candidates to star in subsequent books and plenty of action. If you like shifters I think you’ll really like these. Book 2, The Hidden Wolf, will be available soon.

October 10 brings you a fresh anthology from Wayward Ink Publishing: Stranded.

Come meet the characters created by Alina Popescu, Michael P. Thomas, Kim Fielding, Asta Idonea, Rob Colton, Nephylim, Lily G. Blunt, Eric Gober, Nikka Michaels, Louise Lyons, kirifox, Sarah Hayes, and J.N. Olsen.

image 4



  • (of a boat, sailor, or sea creature) left aground on a shore.

“a stranded whale”

  • left without the means to move from somewhere.

“he offers a lift to a stranded commuter”

The boys in this collection of short stories have most definitely been left STRANDED!

They’ve been shipwrecked and abandoned.
Marooned and cast away.
And left helpless and high and dry.
But you should never underestimate the tenacity of the human heart…

Get your copy today

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O3A3DY8/
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O3A3DY8/
Amazon AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00O3A3DY8/
WIP: http://www.waywardinkpublishing.com/product/stranded/

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This giveaway celebrated those who have pre-ordered Stranded and those who buy it in the first week after its release. Buy your copy for a chance to win more ebooks, swag and gift cards!

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Stories Included

Alina Popescu

Trapped since birth in a sterile, hospital-like apartment, Wynn longs to break free to experience the world.
Enter Doyle.
But is Doyle real, or is he just a figment of Wynn’s imagination?

Michael P. Thomas

Sitcom sensation Felix Medrano, America’s Sweetheart, throws a star-studded surprise party for his sweetheart, beanpole barkeep Grover Shepherd.
It’s a smash, save for one detail: Shep is a no-show.
Who’d have thought it would be so hard to pop the question?

Kim Fielding

Who’d have thought being stranded at the airport could possibly have some long term benefits?
Certainly not Tom.
But then he hadn’t bargained on meeting Rafael

Asta Idonea

The gods truly do work in mysterious ways as Thorstein found out when he was left for dead on the battle field of a foreign land.

Rob Colton

One ditching and one rescue later, Hayden discovers the use of a telephone isn’t the only offer that’s on the table…


Benji and Ari have spent their lives feeling lost and alone, stranded between genders.
Can they help each other stop unravelling?

Lily G. Blunt

Chris and Andreas are opposites in character.
Both fear the other wants to move on.
Can being stranded on a mountainside resolve the doubt that is threatening to tear them apart?

Eric Gober

Rob was the one who got away.
Trent stumbles upon him during a trip to San Francisco
Right before a deadly earthquake

Nikka Michaels

If Evan York keeps hiding from the world behind his laptop he might miss out on something special.
Will he find the courage?

Louise Lyons

One snowy night, Keith Brambles learns that appearances can be deceptive.


Jessie went camping with friends expecting to have some fun and maybe drink a little beer.
Instead, he found his perfect man
but is he real or just a dream?

Sarah Hayes

Two ex-lovers, one hotel room, and one random act of technology.
Will they fall out or fall back in love?

jn olsen

Miles makes one seemingly small and inconsequential decision that turns out to be not so small and inconsequential after all. 

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comfy chairMy guest today is Andrew Q Gordon, a new-to-me author who has some titles that look just my kind of thing. I plan to familiarise myself with his work ASAP.

Welcome to the Comfy Chair, Andrew, and thanks for being such a good sport about answering my questions.

Can you tell me a little about yourself? For instance, do you have to have a day job as well as being a writer?

First let me say thanks for having me today. So a bit about me. I’m boring, to be honest. My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years, married a bit over a year – thank you voters of Maryland for passing marriage equality. Our daughter—’lil q — turned three in September. I refer to her as ‘lil q because of my day job—I’m a criminal prosecutor. Beyond that, we have one dog—hopefully we’ll have two more soon—I like baseball and soccer, football to most of the world, like superhero comic books, high fantasy and the occasional MM Romance.

When you aren’t writing, is there any other creative activity you enjoy? Have you ever written about it?

Not really, unless you consider singing poorly being creative. Once upon a lifetime ago I took piano lessons for a year as a kid and played trombone in school. I’ve not written about any of those, but I have written a fair bit about playing soccer. Something I’m still involved in.

What are you reading? Can you recommend something that you wished you’d written yourself?

Right now I’m reading A Heart for Robbie, by J.P. Barnaby. Not sure I can say I wish I’d written it, it’s kind of a tough subject for me as a parent to write about, but it’s still a great book. I’m a huge Anyta Sunday fan, so I wish I’d written Bird Meets Cage because it’s so sad and lovely and wonderful all at the same time.

In that crucial inspiration stage of a new story which comes first? Plot, situation or character?

Oh wow, that’s a good one. I’d say a situation comes up first followed shortly there after by the character. I think most of my stories have started as a vivid scene that I can see clearly. Then everything—forward or backward—follows.

Do your characters arrive fully fledged and ready to fly or do they develop as you work with them? Do you have a crisp mental picture of them or are they more a thought and a feeling than an image?

Very few characters arrive fully developed. I think they ‘appear’ to me and I’ve always got this image of them that never changes even as they evolve as characters. They are almost always an image before a thought. I see them—sort of like the picture prompts for the Goodreads MM Romance group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event—then they get fleshed out as more than just a face.

Is there any genre you would love to write, ditto one you would avoid like a rattlesnake? What inspired you to write about A Closed Door?

I prefer fantasy, with urban fantasy/paranormal a very close second. I love the world building, even if it’s a modern day story, but the idea of creating new things—like a society where paranormal beings are a part of life—is more appealing than a typical contemporary story.

I’d say I avoid mystery and comedy. Why you ask? Because I’m not all that funny and I suck at keep secrets.

A Closed Door was something of a challenge. I’ve wanted to write some contemporary stories—in fact the very first story I wrote and shared was a 300K freebie that I posted on Gay Authors. I think quite a few readers know me as a contemporary writer and are surprised to learn I prefer Sci-fi/Fantasy. I’m not sure exactly what inspired the story, but for whatever the reason, I tend to write stories that are grounded in loss and from that loss, a new love arises. Weird I know.

Do you find there to be a lot of structural differences between a relationship driven story and one where the romance is a sub plot

No. Can I leave it at that? No? Drats. Well no, there really aren’t any structural differences between them in my mind. Mostly because everything – no matter the type of story – needs conflict and tension. That comes in all forms. Then there are the sub plots that wend through the story – again, it doesn’t really change fundamentally, just the type of conflict or tension.

Put together your ideal team of men/women, drawing from all and any walks of life, fictional or non-fictional, who you would want to come to your rescue if menaced by muggers/alligators/fundamentalists?

Well since I’m so important, nothing less than the Silver Surfer would do for who I’d want to come to my rescue. :D Being a huge comic book fan as a kid and young adult, having him show up, let alone save me would be pretty damn cool.
But for something a bit more ‘normal.’ I’d really like for Will – the main character from Purpose to come save me. Him and Connor McLeod from the Highlander movie.

Villains are incredibly important in fiction since they challenge the main protagonists and give them something to contend with beyond the tension of a developing relationship. The cruel sea. The serial killer. The society itself. Your hero’s inner demons. What sort of villains do you prize?

As you say, villains come in all forms. I think one of the pitfalls of writing is we sometimes make our villains over the top bad with no redeeming qualities. I suspect that is how we see our real life antagonists so why not write about them in that vein? The answer changes, however, depending on the genre. For fantasy/sci-fi they villains can be badder than bad, like Sauron or Darth Vader, but for contemporary romance, they need to be more realistic. For contemporary ‘villains’ I strive for something less evil and vile and more commonplace, something we all experience.

What are you working on at the moment? Can you discuss it or do you prefer to keep it a secret until it’s finished.

Ugh, the problem is I have TOO much I’m working on. But let’s see. The second book in the Champion of the Gods series – The Eye and the Arm – is due out in April so I’m working on book three – Kings of Lore and Legend. I’m also trying to finish my first pure contemporary novel – Harp Strings. That is about a gay teen who decided to prove he was straight and ends up being a single dad. I’ve got a bunch more I’ve started but set aside so I can focus on those two for now and I want to have something for the Wayward Ink Publishing Heaven and Hell anthology so I’m working on something for that too.

Could we please have an excerpt of something?

Here is an excerpt from A Closed Door.

“Orin, I won’t.” Thomas stood a bit straighter and his eyes lost the sad, pleading shine. “I won’t hurt you again.”
“You can’t promise that. Things happen.” Orin watched as his words dragged Thomas back from the brink of hope.
“If you truly believe that, then there’s nothing I can do. You have to believe there’s a chance or else I can’t prove it.”
“That’s not what I’m telling you.” He locked his gaze on Thomas’s. “If I say yes, I’ll have to take down the walls I surrounded my heart with to keep it safe. Once it’s gone, I won’t be able bring it back if I get hurt. Not now.
“So what I’m saying is, think about what you’re asking me to risk. If you really love me, ask yourself if are you willing to risk what will happen to me if you can’t keep your promise.”
He knew how unfair he’d been, but self-preservation had been a skill he’d honed over the past fifteen years. He needed Thomas to know just how serious the repercussion could be for his actions.
“Orin, I . . . I . . . how . . .?” Their faces were inches apart, and Thomas moved in for another kiss.
This felt different than the first—less urgent, but no less intense. Orin trembled at the leap he was about to take. When they stepped back, Thomas rubbed his thumb across Orin’s cheek.
“I do love you, Orin. More than I can say. So much, that I’m not willing to risk what will happen if I fail you again. I don’t have that right.”
Thomas’s lips quivered and the tears welled at the bottom of his eyes. He kissed Orin’s forehead gently.
“Good-bye, Orin. Please be happy.” Without looking back, Thomas walked to the front door, opened it, and walked away.

Cover Artist: Lily Velden and Jay Aheer
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing.

Buy Links:
Wayward Ink
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Author Bio:

Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write.
He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his partner of eighteen years, their young daughter and dog. In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. ‘insiders’, Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and seeing how much coffee he can drink in a day.

Author Contacts:
Website: http://www.andrewqgordon.com,
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/andrewqugordon,
Twitter: @andrewqgordon,
Email: andrewqgordon@gmail.com

The Last Grand Master

Ashes of Life




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